Her Ears Gave Her Away
12:18 AM   Friday
April 21, 2006

Took me something like a week from start to finish, but I did just complete a track. Enjoy.

Since my last post, I bought and “beat” Oblivion. It was fun and all, but the storyline and atmosphere just don’t compare to Morrowind’s. The gameplay and graphics, of course, made up for it! Good game, do play it when you get the chance. It took 80 hours out of my life though, so make sure you can afford that.

Everything else is pretty boring and relaxed right now. I’ve just been designing a new Samurize layout for myself for the heck of it and playing a ton of WoW. Yay!

Hopefully I’ll write some more tunes in the coming days. I’ve got some freetime for the time being, and I really ought to take advantage of it. Speaking of tunes, once again, if you want to sing for me, I’m still in the market for the perfect voice…

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