Been some time, huh?
4:33 PM   Thursday
July 20, 2006

My friend JJ from Canada just left for Mexico after spending five days here in Dallas with me. I’m a terrible tour guide, but I think I got the message across: Tex-Mex restaurants, huge churches, illegal (but hard-working!) workers, Wal-Marts, and of course Downtown Dallas. I was kind of saddened to learn that my city is known primarily as “where JFK was shot,” but life goes on and the Sixth Floor Museum is always a great place to visit. Just makes you feel a little spooked to be exactly where it happened and all. Yuck.

Believe it or not, I do have a new track pretty much ready to be released! I just haven’t felt like finishing it up and mastering it and all that unfun stuff at the end. I’ll get to it soon, so no worries.

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