Late night bloggin!
2:06 AM   Wednesday
August 1, 2007

A couple quick notes…

First off, I managed to get the product I spend 95% of my time at work on certified for Windows Mobile, which is apparently a relatively big deal. I dunno, I thought it was pretty straight-forward after I ported it to 5.0. It took me an entire day to get the soft keys working properly, though!

I’m working on a new track. Ironically, after blowing a bunch of cash on those great sound libraries, my latest work features a grand 0% of the samples included therein. Eh. But we must write what we can, you know?

Vista is growing on me. Running the 64-bit version is always an adventure, to be sure… Anyway, I still can’t recommend it for anyone yet. It’s pretty and a little nicer, but it still feels like some sort of pre-release product. Maybe wait ’til SP1.

Oh, and I switched to Firefox. Vista was crashing primarily during my browsing sessions, so I figured maybe IE 7 was the culprit. While I crash significantly less often now, it’s uh… no. I have no idea. But Firefox gets my stamp of approval. And yes I know I’m two years late on this one.

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