Comments, Traffic, and Music
11:44 PM   Saturday
August 4, 2007

I just decided to enable comments here. What that means is that you can now register with the blog system I use and… well, post comments. Isn’t that amazing?

I could have done this nearly two years ago, but I just kind of ignored it and moved on as I created my site. I’m pretty sure it went down like that because I didn’t like WordPress’ default theme (it’s very… white, and well, my site is not) and I was just too lazy to design my own template from scratch. But now — really, who cares? So go ahead… sign up, say hello, and leave your mark at

Part of what inspired me to do this was my server logs. It’s been seven months since I composed something from scratch and published it, which is the longest I’ve ever gone. My friend Rikard attributes this to my having “a life, a woman, and a job.” That’s no excuse! I did release Jade some months ago, but I don’t think that counts. Well, regardless of the lack of new works, my site continues to receive a damn fair amount of traffic. Furthermore, I keep getting Googled! I figure that if someone is going to tell a friend about my music, they’ll just give them some MP3s or a link directly to my site (and this does appear to be the primary source of traffic, don’t get me wrong). But what I’m seeing more and more is that people from all over the world are running searches for “comradef”, “comrade f”, “music by comradef”, and so on. That, my friends, implies word of mouth. Why it’s happening is beyond me, but it’s happening and I decided it would be cool to let those travelers say hello if they want to.

Oh, right, concerning music… Two things. First, I have a piece in the works and I’ll probably see it through and publish it. When is anyone’s guess — I get these horrible blocks and get stuck halfway through my songs all the time now. I think what may have happened is I convinced myself I have some sort of style and that I need to maintain it in all my works. But you can’t apply that kind of cookie-cutter crap to art! So hopefully I can bust out of that mindset and just write to write. It may also simply be that I don’t want to compose things that sound sub-par to me. Anyway, we’ll see about all that. The other development of note is that I may have a new vocalist. I’m currently in talks with two singers and plan to put some work together to see how it sounds. I’m not making any promises because finding the right voice for my kind of music is insanely difficult. In fact, since nothing is set in stone, anyone reading this is more than welcome to audition for the part as well. I must say though, only serious applicants need… uhh… apply. I’ve had so many flash-in-the-pan communications with singers and it gets really old after a while. I’m sort of hoping that teaming up with a vocalist may breathe some new life into my music and inspire me to once again compose like I’m going to die in a week. By the way, I do still highly prefer female vocals. As a composer, I feel they mesh better with my style.

Right, so, I guess that’s all for now. Stay tuned for a new track sometime soon, hopefully!


Hey man. Sorry I haven’t got that sample to you yet, but my mic uhh…!@#$ itself, so… *shrugs* Maybe in the future some time. Hope to hear new stuff soon, and vocals might just be what you need! Take care buddy!

4:53 PM   Sunday
August 5, 2007

Just thought I’d say “Hi”. And yeah, those registration pages are bright white! Later!

10:57 AM   Sunday
September 23, 2007
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