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8:20 PM   Monday
March 3, 2008

Where does the time go!? Seriously, it’s March. How did that happen?

At least my life hasn’t had any twists nor turns in a while. Go to work, play Warcraft, obsess over LOST, study DirectX and C#, chill with girlfriend… that’s about it. No complaints!

I did try composing the other day, actually. Still not feeling it. Maybe once I finish my DirectX experiments I’ll feel the urge again! Hah, I’m going to be so out of practice. The results will either suck hardcore or just be very new and different, so let’s hope for the latter, whenever that day comes…

I bought a new monitor! They got me this 22″ widescreen one at work, and I got used to it, so I decided I needed one at home, too. This is NICE! And it would seem that most video cards today (mine included) actually have two outputs, so… I have my own giant wall of lights here. Mmmm.

Sorry for the inane babble. That’s what happens when we have nothing to report!

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