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9:15 PM   Wednesday
March 5, 2008

A great deal of Americans actually do give a damn about what the rest of the world thinks of us. Half of this country apologized when Bush got his “mandate from the people” by getting a 51% win in 2004. Then, of course, we cried for ourselves because while Bush may be a laugh riot for you, we suffer the consequences.

Anyway, in the spirit of giving a damn, I caucused for Obama last night. Took three hours. I want to know what the hell the Democratic Party here in Texas could have possibly been thinking when they designed this horrible system (which basically disenfranchises us and makes us vote twice if we want our votes to mean anything). Maybe it’ll be addressed after that debacle. But yeah, go Obama. Because it really is TIME.

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I arrived at your site as a result of finding your music on Dizzler.Com and all I can say is WOW! I hope you don’t stay away from making music for very long, but I fully understand. I used to make and give away fonts ( but needed a break from it to pursue other interests. I have also dabbled in electronic music (have 2 synthesizers, drum machine, elec guitar, etc … but lack your obvious talent) so I really appreciate yours.

But the main reason for my comment is to tell you that I too have invested some of my time this year to furthering the cause of Senator Obama. I may well be the oldest and whitest guy to vote for him this year. I’m proud to say that for the first time since I started voting back in the ’72 election, I have found a candidate whom I am looking forward to voting FOR … instead of agonizing over whom to vote AGAINST. GOBAMA!!

12:44 PM   Tuesday
July 29, 2008
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