Movin’ on up…
12:56 AM   Sunday
June 1, 2008

Oh hey, check it out. Another post from ComradeF about how he isn’t making music for some reason or another. Surprise.

Yeah, well, it’s the truth. Music’s not on my mind right now. Just don’t feel the need to write any! What is on my mind is moving. I found a new job and am going to move a bit closer to the office so my commute doesn’t suck (I hate driving and the public transit in Dallas is waaaay gross). I’ve been cruising around all sorts of realty sites to find that perfect place to call home. At least for a year or something. ;) Maybe once that’s settled, I dunno, that could inspire me. No promises though — it could also just make me busy as hell.

And so, in closing… Obama ’08!


haha Best of luck mate – whenever you do some music is good. Doesn’t matter when, as long as you get back to it at some point. :) Take care of yourself, get your life fixed up first, and when that’s all done, let us know!

7:57 AM   Thursday
July 17, 2008

While my comment maybe somewhat late, I must say Good Sir, I am in need of some new music. I can only listen to Cityscape and Space Jazz so many times before even they lose their splendor. Don’t rush it though, won’t be with it then!

12:47 AM   Thursday
July 24, 2008

Hopefully, you won’t change jobs soon after moving closer to your current place of employment. :)

3:21 PM   Thursday
January 1, 2009
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