I’m not dead yet! I don’t want to go on the cart!
1:10 AM   Friday
December 19, 2008

See title! It’s the truth. My life is still kicked into high-gear right now as I juggle the multitude of demands on my time: work, a new place of residence, the girlfriend-person Cat, World of Warcraft (not so much these days), and miscellaneous things that seem to fill in the elusive leftover “spare time.”

That’s not so much fun to read about, is it? Every couple of months, ol’ jerky here writes another post about how damn busy he is and how he’ll “try” to write some more tracks at some point. 2007 goes by with three, count ‘em, three tracks. 2008 goes by with NONE. Pretty pathetic. I have no excuse — my life probably isn’t any more jam-packed than anyone else’s. If I really made time for it, I could be composing several a month. But I’m not making time for it.

I definitely do miss it. It’s fun to finish one, give it a name, upload it, listen to it over and over again to make sure it’s as perfect as it’s going to get… then find a minor flaw no one else will notice and have to do all that over again, but I digress. I liked being able to say that I write music and not have to back it up a notch and add that “well, I did… it’s been over a year though…” Yuck.

Well, how about this: I’ve got Reason 4, a brand new office, and a fresh install of XP. I’ve also got a pretty good deal of inspiration. The problem is TIME. Got none of that stuff. And I need it so I can get a better understanding of Reason 4 (they changed a lot) and stop being rusty in general. Hah, jeez, when I do finally write again — and I will — it’s going to be… interesting!


Happy New Year!

After reading this, I know exactly what you should dedicate yourself to accomplishing this year — reconnecting with yourself! You’ve grown up and become a responsible citizen over the past years, now it’s time to give in a little and do something for yourself that used to bring you a lot of enjoyment.

Take care…

3:19 PM   Thursday
January 1, 2009

Hey mate, sorry I haven’t been around or anything, but I agree with Yes on that score – your new year’s resolution should so be to reconnect with your music and to do something you used to enjoy a lot. Either way, you’ve still got some loyal fans, and I for one will keep on checking back to see what’s up with you and such. Take care man, stay safe.

8:04 AM   Tuesday
January 20, 2009
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