WTB partner in ryhme / inspiration KTHX
9:15 AM   Monday
January 5, 2009

Or shall I remain a solo artist? Once I start writing again in the first place? Hmm.

I was listening to some of my old collaborative work and I think it was really good. Would like to do that again…

Come to think of it, though, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will see this post. It’s weird, I still get a pretty hefty amount of traffic, but I don’t know where it’s coming from or why anyone would bother to come here. No new music in over a year, no other redeeming content… very confusing.

Steven Eatt

QUOTE “it’s highly unlikely that anyone will see this post”END QUOTE …Wrong, your music inspires me so much! it’s like winning a scratchy if I find you posted something.
Makes me feel normal that you don’t get the…what’s that word again “time” :P, however I don’t stop hoping to make more of it. Doesn’t help now that I decided to go for my PPL (Private Plane License) it’s all a matter of choices and when the times is write it will happen (Quote from Inspire)…another story.

10:46 PM   Thursday
January 15, 2009

^ Amen! I agree on all points with Steven here – take your time though and do it when you feel you’re ready. Rushing things leaves you with a feeling of letting it down after all (or so personal experience has dictated to me). No idea if you checked that email I sent you since you initially did, but matters not – just be safe Commie. That’s main point here. You’ve got friends and such all over the world. =)

8:06 AM   Tuesday
January 20, 2009
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