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11:30 PM   Monday
June 22, 2009

Hmm. Well, after an epic battle with WordPress (not that epic… delete the /wordpress/ directory and reupload it…), the administrative section is working again! I have no idea how long it’s been down, but it’s meant that no one could comment, and I couldn’t post. I guess that shows you how attentive I am to my site right now!

I was going to save this until I was finished, but… perhaps this will force me to wrap it up, finally… I have written a track. (GASP!!) Yeah! Really! Although I’m afraid that now there will be these really high expectations for it. I’ll have it out hopefully within the week, but the real news is that my style, regardless of going into hiding for two years, hasn’t changed at all. Amazing. That could be a good or a bad thing, and that’s yet to be seen. The resulting track (working name “garden”) isn’t something I’m super proud of, and hell it may even… nah, will, disappoint my old fans. Both of you. But it’s music, and I’ve needed to write some for a while now. It could even result in more as I attempt to stop being so horrible and out-of-practice! Who knows?

I’m considering making posts about my coding adventures at work here in this blog. A lot of people have saved my ass at work by posting weird solutions or tricks they’ve discovered along the way, and I feel like I need to be giving back, so-to-speak. I’d probably talk a lot about NHibernate, Fluent NHibernate (<3!!), Tesseract, Tessnet2, and maybe some generics, Linq, and other stuff along those lines. I’m sure whatever I’d say wouldn’t be all that impressive to most people, but I just spent the last six months being a total n00b with these technologies and now that I’ve been through the grinder, I may have a few things to share. And I freaking love C#. So much.

World of Warcraft! What can I say… I still play. But ever since I got my [Reins of the Raven Lord] some months ago, I just haven’t had the same drive to play. That’s what I wanted, then I got it, and now the whole thing is so much more relaxed for me. It’s as if I beat the game. How did I beat an MMO? Mad skills, I guess! I should post all the videos I’ve recorded of my adventures throughout the years. I’ve seen some pretty wacky things.

Alright… that’s enough of that. I’ll have that track out soon. It’s actually done, I just need to make sure it’s REALLY done. =P

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